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05 Apr

One and only love, Boston Celtics!

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Boston Celtics are NBA team.They play in the Eastern Conference ( Atlantic divison ).They were founded in 1946 , the club is owned by Boston Basketball Partners.The Celtics dominated in 1950 ,Celtics won 11 cups of 13 , 8 in row , with help from :  Bill RussellBob CousyJohn HavlicekLarry Bird and legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach.In 2008 , Paul Pierce was drafted for MVP , and with the head coach Doc Rivers they won the NBA title. In 2007-2010 were formed "The Big Three" : Paul Pierce , Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.When Ray Allen left the team , in 2012 was formed The new Big Three , including : Rajon Rondo (my favourite :D) , Kevin Garnett (my second favourite :D ) and Paul Pierce (my third favourite) btw i like all three of them . So i hope you liked it. :D

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