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13 Feb

Arsenal FC

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Arsenal FC is an English Premier League football club based in London.Arsenal FC is one of the most successful clubs in English football,It has won 13 First Division and Premier titles,and 10 FA cups..Arsenal is one of the best football clubs n the world.Arsenal was founded in 1886 and it was the first club from the south who joinded the Football League.In 1930 it won the five League Championship and 2 FA cups.In 1970 it won the League and double Fa cups,in 1990 it won again the double,and in 2006 it won UEFA Champions league Final.From 2006 the moved in the Emirates Stadium,and they are called Emirates or gooners.The manager is called Arsene Wenger.Most popular football player in Arsenal is Thiery Henry who joined Arsenal

in 1999 and he left in 2007.With him Arsenal had a  big success and the fans including me were proud of him because players like him are rare in the world,he was a true LEGEND.Also,players who had a big expеrience were Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas,Van Persie is now in Manchester United and Fabregas is in Barselona-l'm a bit sad because with a players like this Arsenal was gonna be better than now.Now fabulous players are:Theo Wallcot,Lucas Podolski,Santi Cazorla,Gibbs,AAron Ramsey and others.

                                                Still I'm very proud of this team

                                          I WAS  A GOONER,I'M GOONER,I WILL BE A GOONER-ONCE A GOONER-FOREVER A GOONER



.Im Stefan Rizov an im 11 years old.Im from Macedonia.Im interested about football and music. I like the English lenguage because its world lenguage and i think and i want to meet with people from other contries

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