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I'm Viktor Najdov. I'm 13 years old and i was born  in Macedonia! I like Chemistry and Physic ! :) fun fact about me listening Metallica songs 24/7 :D I like Macedonian Folklor :)

The Grave Encounters

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:33 Published in Movie
The Grave Encounters is a horror,Sci-Fi movie :) But they say it based on true story I dont believe in that ! The film is about 4 people who call themGrave Encounters they explore some ghost stories ! They get a call from some Mental Hospital from Canada, but someone with deep voice tell that they all are dead! They first go to the police station and locate that location who is one left Mental Hospital in Canada ! But there is some "ghosts there " they explore and some paranoramal activity is going on there some wierd noices and screaming its pretty good and scary film you should watch it ! New paranormal acitivity is going some window to open by its self :) i think is thread so its not scary :) The next thing is some wierd moving things like candles or something like that ! Its cool to watch it first time there is jumpscares everywhere ! ITS SO COOL AND CREEPY ! :D

When Metallica ruled the world :)

Monday, 28 January 2013 11:15 Published in Music

As you know my favourite music band is metallica :)

Metallica is i think the most popular music band in the world!

They formed the band in 1981 when the drummer Lars Urlich make a advertisement in news paper and the the lead guitar player and singer James Heatfield accept answer on that advertisement!

Metallica- Drummer Lars Urlich
              Solo Guitar- Kirk Hammet
              Bass Guitar- Cliff Burton,Jason Newsted,Ron McGovney and Today Rober Trujillo
              Lead Guitar and Singer- James Heatfield

In 1982 come the bass guitaris Cliff Burton together with solo guitarist Kirk Hammet !
in 1986 when they went to Sweden on concert happen something a terrible thing there was an car accident all was alive expect for the bass guitarist Cliff Burton who was dead, then 1963 comes Jason Newsted on his place and he was the bass guitarist!

Then in 1991 there was a huge progress for Metallica bend they get invite to go on abbadoned airfield in Moscow,Russia named Tushino airfield on that concert there was about 5 million fans of Metallica!

Albums -

1983-1984- Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lighting
1984-1846- Master of Puppets( My favourite :D )
1988-1990- And Justice for All
1990-1993- The Black Album or Metallica
2006-2011-Dead Magnetic

Unitle 2003 Jason Newsted was bass guitarist on Metallica then he quit that music job and he go away ! Metallica called an audition for bass guitar player they choosed Rober Trujillo for the next bast guitarist :) 

2004 the band was almost to destroy but quick reaction from the drummer Lars Urlich that doesnt happend !
In 2005 after 1 year pause on stage they have their first concert in France !
in 2006 thet have concert named M&SO- Metallica and Symphony Orchestra  That was huge hit for us :)
Still Metallica rule the world \m/.

Two space shuttle on Mars

Friday, 25 January 2013 11:34 Published in Sc&Tech

I like so much Astronomy and learn about the space :)
I want to share one information about 2 space shuttle and 2 rovers on Mars!
The two rovers was called SPIRIT AND OPPORTUNITY and the flying mothership was called DELTA II ! It was nice mission then Rover OPPORTUNITY found out some rocks who can only be created in water that was only one reason for thinking there is life in the universe!

The first idea for that investigation was on NASA !
The flying of two space shuttles was for 7 month !  The launch was on 7 July 2003 and they land on Mars on January 25, 2004 the flying take 7 months then they land thank to one parchute and 13 air bags in form of balls then they jump off unitle they land ! It was funny procces unitle they landed :)
After 7 months flying throuh space they land on Mars OPPORTUNITY land on crater called MERIDIANI PLANTUM!  And SPIRIT land on COLUMBIAN MEMORIAL STATION !
Then disaster happen the rover SPIRIT stuck in Mars sands, and OPPORTUNITY has finish the mission and went to COLUMBIAN MEMORIAL STATION !

Havana Pool The Prettiest Pool in Macedonia

Monday, 21 May 2012 08:12 Published in Fun

Havana Pool is the prettiest poll in Macedonia! It is  in Negotino, Macedonia! We are proud to have prettiest poll in Macedonia. 

Every season have a lot of visiter they come to have some fun and to get relax ! But Havana is not only pool it have a Caffe Bar and Hotel !

In Havana Pool also have a nightly bath ! But the nightly bath is more beautifully then a day bath.
In the weekends have a lot of visitor, also Havana Pool also have parking slots and in the weekends doesen't have a slot to parking, in Havana Pool also have

burger place where you can buy a sandwich and drink !

In Havana Pool Toni Zen, Jovan Jovanov and Lambe Alabakovski have made a spot called "Itno mi Trebas Ti" and it was awesome !;feature=related here is link from the song !

Macedonian Piano Vrtuoso!

Friday, 18 May 2012 16:34 Published in Music

Simon Trpcevski is Macedonian classical pianist!
He was the youngest of the three children , his father fas judge and his mother was pharmacis! 
His start to study in  The Macedonian University of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Skopje and his Profesor was Boris Romanov! 
Then he made his career and won prizes in international competitions in the United Kingdom,Italy and Czech Republic.

1998- World piano contest Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe in Skopje-First Place!

2000- Millennium World Piano Competition London-Second Place !

2001-2003 BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist! and -Young Artist Award awarded by the Royal Philharmonic Society!

2005- BBC Disc of Mounth-BBC Music Magazine

2009-Order of Merit For Macedonian!

After this award now he have more and his dream come true to be a popular Classical Pianist!

Alexander the Great was Macedonian

Sunday, 13 May 2012 11:27 Published in History

By this note I would like to share with you my opinion that History is not a certain science and almost always some facts are "coloured" whether the interests are...just as an example:

Alexandar the Great was Macedonian he was born on July the 20th 365 BC in Pella which was the ancient capital of Macedonia.

He became King of Macedonia after the death of his father. To this day there is a discussion about it, whether his death was organised by Alexander and his mother or the Persians.

He had this titles: King of Macedon, Persia Pharaon, Hegemon!

His father was: Philip II of Macedon!
His mother was: Olympias of Epirus!

So, as you can see he was born in Pella the old capital of Macedonia, even the Bible speaks about Macedonia in several paragraphs as well as the historians like Cicero (Cicerón)... this are some of the many reasons beacause Alexandar the Great is Macedonian 

Alexander king of Macedonia died on 11 June 323 BC...Here you have some interesting topic to discuss with your History teacher! :)

Macedonian Warriors

Saturday, 12 May 2012 21:03 Published in Sport

Macedonian National Basketball Federation (MNBF) represents the Republic of Macedonia in international basketbal.  The Captain is Pero Antic he is tall 2 m, but the tallest one is Todor Gecevski!

EuroBasket 1999-After qualifying for Eurobasket, the Macedonian national basketball team failed to pass the group stage and ended up ranked 14th overall.

EuroBasket 2009-Macedonia considers this as a historic success for the national team, since it was only the country's second appearance in Eurobasket and the team advanced past the first round. In the final tournament rankings, Macedonia ranked 9th place with a record of 2–4.

EuroBakset-2011 Through the qualifying round, Macedonia qualifying  for Eurobasket 2011 and was in Group C along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and Finland in the preliminary round. They finished in fourth place

They have also nickname: Red-Yellos, Lions !

 The group of MNBF Fans are Called (Macedonian Falang )

The Macedonian Talent

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 18:52 Published in Music

Todor ( Tose ) Proeski is the most popular macedonain musician! He was born January 25 ,1981!  He is multi-genre singer and song writer. In Balkan he is know as The Balkan 'Elvis Presley'. He died in car crash in Octomber 16 , 2007. 

In 2005 The Eurosong Contest he representative for Macedonia! To improve his singing he goes to New York and take classes from Willian Riley, who also is coach to famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti!  
In every concert he always say this phrase : "I love you all" !  
 That the reason why we love him a lot ! And he always be in our hearts! Song for all ! Name of song : Zajdi Zajdi!

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