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26 Jun

The 10-Year United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: Is Chile achieving the goals?

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The geographic peculiarities of Chile, due to its great extension, originate an enormous variety of ecosystems; Mountainous ecosystems in the heights of The Andes, transitional in the central valleys and marine ecosystems in the vast Pacific Ocean. Equally relevant are the arid ecosystems of The Atacama Desert and those glacial in the southernmost areas. For this reason, Chile has an enormous potential to be a center of pioneering innovation and research on climate change, natural resources management, especially water and soil, fight against desertification, regeneration of degraded environments, etc. However, the extractive industry of the country, based on forestry, mining, monoculture, among others, is an obstacle to the proper implementation of the National Action Program against Desertification (PANCD) and the Ten-/Year Strategy of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), as economic and political interests are frequently generated. The main objective of the present discussion is to analyze Chile's potential as scenario for developing public policies and innovative proposals aimed at neutralizing land desertification and degradation in a context of climate change, urban expansion, population growth, multiculturalism and ethnicity, where diametrically opposed economic activities coexist, as well as human groups with different notions about themes such as the use of natural resources, sustainable land management, erosion and desertification. It is necessary to address an initially ecological issue like Desertification in a transversal way, in order to understand its relation to wider social unrests, such as food insecurity and scarcity, extreme poverty, increase of Carbon Dioxide emissions, and even forced migration and social crisis.
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