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19 Mar

Social Networks you might have missed Featured

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There are a lot of social networks  on the web. Some of them are great, but some of them are a miss. Here are the networks that are the most popular  with people today:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a great social network that everyone knows. It is fun, very personal and it makes communicating very easy. With its new features like the brand new graph search and revolutionised new news feed, Facebook is coming back strong and better.

+: very personal, revolutionised communication, easy to learn and available on a lot of languages.

-: privacy is too low, too much advertising.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the most popular social network in the world after Facebook. It is though very different. You use twitter by "tweeting" short messages and posting them to the public. People can follow you and you can follow them. #Hashtags are a great way to tag the subject of your tweet, and many other networks have adopted it too.

+: fun, simple, creative

-: no personal communication (everything's public)

P.S. For everyone who has a Twitter account, tweet at least once with #MilimarEdu an lets all connect there.

3. may not be a proper social network. It is used as a Q&A site, where people can anonymously ask you questions and you can answer them. It is that simple.

+: fun, simple

-: it is not really "social", it gets used for all the wrong reasons (ex. Bullying)

4.  Pinterest

Pinterest is a site where you find stuff on the internet and pin them to boards. People can see eachothers boards and add comments and likes.

+: easy, goodlooking, fresh

-: again, it's not very social

5. Google +

Google plus was at first a facebook twin. But it evolved and now became a small social network with a lot of features and a fresh design.

+: similar to facebook, nice look

-: lack of users, too complicated to use

social networks bring us together

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Hello everyone! I'm Stefan and I'm from Macedonia. I'm 15. I love reading books, listening to music and watching movies. I'm very tech savvy. I'm studying English because I love English and I want to live in the USA :)


Book - The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)

Song - Air Baloon (Lily Allen)

Movie - The Harry Potter and The Hunger Games ( I love the books too)

TV Show - The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother



  • Stefan

    Twitter is pretty cool, too. You should try it. And don't forget to tweet with #MilimarEdu ;)

    Stefan Friday, 29 March 2013 17:44 Comment Link
  • Nicolas

    Of all this social Networks I prefer Facebook :P

    Nicolas Saturday, 23 March 2013 17:13 Comment Link
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