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25 Jan

Two space shuttle on Mars Featured

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I like so much Astronomy and learn about the space :)
I want to share one information about 2 space shuttle and 2 rovers on Mars!
The two rovers was called SPIRIT AND OPPORTUNITY and the flying mothership was called DELTA II ! It was nice mission then Rover OPPORTUNITY found out some rocks who can only be created in water that was only one reason for thinking there is life in the universe!

The first idea for that investigation was on NASA !
The flying of two space shuttles was for 7 month !  The launch was on 7 July 2003 and they land on Mars on January 25, 2004 the flying take 7 months then they land thank to one parchute and 13 air bags in form of balls then they jump off unitle they land ! It was funny procces unitle they landed :)
After 7 months flying throuh space they land on Mars OPPORTUNITY land on crater called MERIDIANI PLANTUM!  And SPIRIT land on COLUMBIAN MEMORIAL STATION !
Then disaster happen the rover SPIRIT stuck in Mars sands, and OPPORTUNITY has finish the mission and went to COLUMBIAN MEMORIAL STATION !

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I'm Viktor Najdov. I'm 13 years old and i was born  in Macedonia! I like Chemistry and Physic ! :) fun fact about me listening Metallica songs 24/7 :D I like Macedonian Folklor :)

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