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17 May

Super Day :D

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Day: April the 24th, present year, was a day I will never forget because, it was the time when my fellow classmates and I were talking about us, telling our story. This day had and end :(, but everyone was touched deeply so, noone could be indifferent. We really meet each other and each others life. Everyone lives on a daily basis.

This day was something trully important to me and my comrades, it is difficult to express in word the meaning of the meeting we had at school as a part of religious session. Was a wonderful moment that will stay with each of us forever feeling not as a simple classmates but as a family group.

I just wanted to share this with all of you in the hope that everyone could and should have a special day of true friendship and keep it in the heart and try to build friendship through the different life stages.

Greetings and best wishes!


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