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04 May

Happy Easter!

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Easter is the most important Christian feast where we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I will tell you what I know :D We celebrate the Resurrection after His death by crucifixion by those Roma governors who didn't wanted the Christianity to get expanded.

Among the preparations to wait for Easter, we are coloring eggs every year in different colors, but anyway you must have the red color eggs, because that is the symbol of Jesus' blood. We believe that when He was crucifixed His blood colored the rocks under Him, t.e the rocks around the cross. Those rocks are symbolized with eggs. Then we break those eggs.

The person who has the strongest egg and the one who crushed all other eggs is the winner. That is also interesting. But I can make this feast more interesting. I always decorate my room with rabbits, chikens, eggs from paper, in six colors, the colors of the rainbow. I adore this feast. It's so beautiful!

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