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07 Oct


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Iraqi Girl.             

Islam is a religion that believes in only one God, and their spiritual tradition is identified by Abraham. It's based on the Koran. Their God is Allah, and he's the only one, and Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Islam began with the preaching of Muhammad in 622 in Mecca (in modern Saudi Arabia) where Muslim pilgrims annually, making it one of the five pillars of belief. The other pillars are: Witness, "No Gods, only Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet". Prayer, five times a day, and a community in the Mosque on Fridays. The zakat or alms, which is to share material goods with those in need. Fasting in the month of Ramadan, which forbids eating anything, and sexual contact until sunset. Sustaining kinship is one of the greatest principles of Islam and one of the characteristic features of Islamic law. 

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Burqa. Attire that completely covers to women.

Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria

Hi! My name is Mari, I'm a 19 years old make up artist and I'm from Chile. I love music, dancing, singing and making art in every possible way!. My dream is to travel all around the world, to know countries, cultures, monuments and all the things that come with us being different. 

I like psichodelic, alternative and classic rock. 

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