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09 Nov

Updating my talent!

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Hello, my name is Maria Victoria, better known as Mari.

A few years ago, I wrote talking about my talents. I still love to do that!, but while growing up, experience come with knowledge, new people, new stories and a lot of changes. So now, I'm going to tell you what other talents I discovered that I have and what I also love to do nowadays.

I still love singing, differents styles of music, and I enjoy doing it all day long. About writing, before I liked to write love stories and basically, literature. Now, I like to write non-literary texts, like opinion columns, articles and stuff like that.

But now, I'm going to tell you about a new talent and how I did discover it. 

Last year (2015), I was trying to decide what to study. I knew I didn't want to go to university, because I was not sure that I liked any of those careers enough to spend at least 5 years by studying it. While all this changes were coming, in my school we had to create a musical. I was so happy because I have loved dancing my entire life and I made all the coreographys. Also, I started to watch videos and read articles about the make up we could use for the show. I found this so interesting, that after we presented the musical, I kept reading about make up and I considered the chance to become a make up artist, in a professional way. So I did it. I searched on internet until I found a school that I liked. I started to study on April of 2016. We studied about history of make up, theory of colours, and facial cleansing. Then we started to practice and we learned how to make up for weddings, TV, red carpets, runways, drag queens, artistic make up and lots of other styles. I think this is one of the better decisions I could have taken in my life. It was funny, interesting, beautiful, and I had the oportunities of knowing lots of amazing people who shared the same passion with me. Studying an alternative career is a really good option. So if you like to do something, DO IT! We have time to live and be who we want to be. 

I would like to share with you some make up advices and tips in other artycles, so if you are interested in this stuff, you could learn a lot!

Here is the photograph of my final exam. Hope you like my art!

Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria

Hi! My name is Mari, I'm a 19 years old make up artist and I'm from Chile. I love music, dancing, singing and making art in every possible way!. My dream is to travel all around the world, to know countries, cultures, monuments and all the things that come with us being different. 

I like psichodelic, alternative and classic rock. 

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