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20 Jul

My talent!

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Well, since a long time ago, I loooooooove to sing, and I think that I can do it very well. But I don't like to sing alone, so I always sing with my friends, Benjamin, Sofia, Nicolas, Javier and more. We can spend a great time singing and having fun doing it. But also, I think I have a talent writing stories. My imagination is quite big, and I'm so romantic haha so I like writing love stories. I hope we could upload videos covering songs, and if we do it, I'll share the videos here!
Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria

Hi! My name is Mari, I'm a 19 years old make up artist and I'm from Chile. I love music, dancing, singing and making art in every possible way!. My dream is to travel all around the world, to know countries, cultures, monuments and all the things that come with us being different. 

I like psichodelic, alternative and classic rock. 

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