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18 Apr


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Kiril Dzajkovski is a world famues DJ hes from macedonia W also call him "Worlds but ours" Hi composes a lot of music for films and comrsels also his a DJ for Electrick music and he has worked with a lot of people of difrent country's,some of theme are TK wonther, MC wasp,Gheto priest...

Some of his hits are:Raise Up Your Hand,Lions Den,Hell Of A Road,Jungle Shadow, and many more..

The History Of DJaikovski

In the early 1980s together with Milčo Mančevski he formed Bastion, one of the first electronic bands in the then  Republic of Macedonia within SFR Yugoslavia. Subsequently, he went on to play with one of the most famous Macedonian bands Leb i sol, recording two albums and touring extensively around the Balkans and the rest of Europe.

In the 1990s, Kiril moved to Australia and began experimenting with music, combining ethnic Macedonian music and electronic beats. This led to his first solo release, Synthetic Theatre, an EP received extremely well by Australian independent radio stations.

In 2000, American label Tone Casualties released his album Homebound, which continued the concept of blending Macedonian ethnic instrumentation and electronica. It received excellent reviews from critics around the world, including individuals from the United StatesCanadaUKSpain and Japan. Croatian Playboy Magazine voted it the best album of the year from the former Yugoslavia.

After returning to the Republic of Macedonia, he composed the film score for Milčo Mančevski's Dust, as well as for the films Bal-Can-Can and The Great Water. He performed concerts around Macedonia and abroad, including performances at the international Exit Festival. He was also involved in composing additional music for the 2007 Milčo Mančevski film Shadows.

Several of Džajkovski's compositions were featured on the critically acclaimed Australian miniseriesUnderbelly.

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Im 12,I Love playing football becouse it relaxse's me,Im a big fan of Arsenal,and my favorite music is Electric music and Rap music

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