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13 Apr

Karolina Gocheva

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Here in Macedonia there are  a lot of singers with amazing  voices  and also they're popular.One of the prettyest female vokals in Macedonia is arolina Gocheva and the is very popular here.She  have very beautiful songs and she is famous in the Balkan.In my opinion her best songs are:(in macedonian) Ружо ружице ,Кој  да ти каже , За година две.Also  she went to many festivals and once she went to Eurovision.I realy like her .She is my favorite Macedonian singer.



My name is Sofija I'm 14 years old. I'm from Macedonia and my hobby is watching series and movies. In my free time also I like to read books and play volleyball. My biggest wish is to visit Paris-the town of love. The other things I like are: Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin , Fashion , Milimar, Helloo Kity  and my adorable and fat cat :))


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  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Sofia,
    she has..
    in the Balkans
    she HAS also been to many festivals.. (we use the present perfect because she is still going to festivals, it is not finished)

    Bozanka Ilievska Monday, 15 April 2013 20:46 Comment Link
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