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13 Apr

Charlie and the chocolate factory

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Charlie and the Chocolate facotry is a movie, directed by Tom Burton, the main role has Willy Wonka (Johny Deep) and Charlie (Freddie Highmore) This movie is a movie for children. I first saw this movie when I was second grade, it means at 2007. This movie is made at 2005. It has so much fantasy, that is why the factory for chocolate looks beautiful and childish. Charlie is a poor guy, living with his poor family, his father ofr Christmast is buying him  a Wonka chocolate, Wonka chocolates have a 5 tickets of all America, it takes you to see the factory. Charlie don;t have luck to have that ticket in his chocolate given by his father, so he is sad walking by the road. He founds few dollars, and he is buying another one. In this one, he founds the ticket, everyone are trying to buy from him the ticket, but his mother says that he need to keep it for himself. He is going with his grandfather in the factory with 4 other child, where only Charlie is staying at the ends, alone with Willy Wonka, the factory owner. Than Willy asks him to Charlie get the facotry, becaouse Willy is too old to take this factory for the next 30 years, but Chalie refuse it, and I donl;t remeber why, watch it, you are going to like it.



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  • Nicolas

    Don't offense, but i hate this movie DD: Is very weird.

    Nicolas Saturday, 13 April 2013 20:00 Comment Link
  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Emilia,
    This movie WAS made IN 2005.
    ...His father of Christmas BUYS him a Wonka chocolate, Wonka chocolates have 5 tickets (without 'a') IN WHOLE America...
    Charlie DOESN'T have ...
    He FINDS few dollars, and he BUYS another one.
    ...but his mother says that he needS to...
    ...with 4 other CHILDREN,
    at the end (WITHOUT 'S')
    THEN Willy asks him ..
    BECAUSE Willy is too old to RUN / MANAGE this factory for the next 30 years, but Charlie refuseS it...

    Bozanka Ilievska Saturday, 13 April 2013 16:15 Comment Link
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