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12 Apr

My favorite cartoon as child!

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I'm sure that everyone of us had some cartoon that wore watching the most as child.My favorite cartoon was Tom$Jerry amd I watched it on Boomerang cartoon chanel. There is no person that havent heard abot this cartoon but anyway I''m gonna tell you whats the story about.In every apisode the story is about the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry.And that's all....All the time Tom is trying to catch Jerry but the mouse won't let that .



My name is Sofija I'm 14 years old. I'm from Macedonia and my hobby is watching series and movies. In my free time also I like to read books and play volleyball. My biggest wish is to visit Paris-the town of love. The other things I like are: Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin , Fashion , Milimar, Helloo Kity  and my adorable and fat cat :))


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