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21 Feb

Papermen - Short animated film by Walt Disney

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I was searching on internet about ,,short animated film '' and I foud this one : ,,The Paperman''  - from  Walt Disney Animation Studios .I realy like this film and I thing that is very  creative.The  ,,story'' is about a men who is trying to  draw attention to  a women by sending her  a paper airplanes from the  window.There is one more reason why I like this short film.....Yes that is the HAPPY ENDING :$
Watch it and leave a comment bellow :) I hope you like it



My name is Sofija I'm 14 years old. I'm from Macedonia and my hobby is watching series and movies. In my free time also I like to read books and play volleyball. My biggest wish is to visit Paris-the town of love. The other things I like are: Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin , Fashion , Milimar, Helloo Kity  and my adorable and fat cat :))


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  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Sofia,
    It's always THE internet;
    "the paperman" BY W. Disney
    Don't confuse think (verb) and a thing (noun).
    Also this one: man(singular) men (plural) .... woman (singular) women (plural)
    Present simple for narration: The story is about a man who tries...
    Don't use a/an with plural nouns --> paper airplanes

    Bozanka Ilievska Thursday, 21 February 2013 15:21 Comment Link
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