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12 Feb

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 is 2012 American romantic and fantasy movie based on the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Mayer..Before this part,there are 4 parts:

1.The Twilight saga

2.The Twilight saga New moon

3.The Twilight saga Eclipse

4.The Twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 1 and Breaking dawn 2 that is sequel of Breaking Dawn part 1.I think that it's not necessary to talk about B.Dawn part 1 but l'tell you in short lines:After the weeding of Bella and Edward,they went on weeding trip on a small island near the town Rio de Janeiro...There ,Bella gets pregnant..But that pregnancy is not good,coz' it makes damage on Bella's life...After big suffering Bella decises to bore the child.But that child is not only human,it's half human-half vampire,because Edward is a vampire and Bella's a human.After the child's birth,Bella is almost dead,but Edward is transforming her into vampire.I think that about this part,one of the members of this website had write it.

So ,i should start the story:After Bella's regenerated,she starts with her hunt,but she can't control herself very well,because she is a new born vampire.The newborn vampires can't contol themselfs on a human blood,because they're born to suck blood from humans.But,Bella's family-the Cullens-they are a vampire family that is not sucking human blood,only from animals,Let's just say:VEGETERIANS.Their halfhuman half vampire

dauther called Renesmee is growing very fast by her special part of herself and she has a special ability to fome kind of flying or whatever.That thing sees Irina-a vampire from a family that is in a good relationship with Cullens.But Irina is mad on Cullens because they killed her vampire boyfriend Laurent who was in friendship with a bad vampires James and Viktoria who were hunting for Bella.Irina betrays them to the oldest and strongest vampire family-The Volturi.The Volturi are Lords of all vampires.Irina betrays the Cullens Because she thought that the child she had see was an immortal child-but Renessme is  half mortal half immortal.The immortal childs are killed from the Volturi because they are risk for the humanity.In those moments on of the Cullens-Alice Cullen has a vision that the Volture are coming to kill them because of Renesmee.After that Alice and her boyfriend Jasper Cullen are disapearing.The Cullens begin  to look about withnesses who wil prove that the child is mortal.The Cullens are not planning to fight.After enough vampire witnesses,they are ready to go on the battle ground.In that moment Alice And Jasper are appearing.The Lord of Volturi Aro is able to read minds only with touching the thing.Alice says that she have a proof that tells that Renesmee is not a risk.Aro reads her mind but he

tells that the child is still a risk.The battle starts and The Cullens Are the winners.But actually,The battle is not real it's only in the vision that Alice posses.After that,on the battleground a guy comes and he says that he is half immortal and halfmortal and there is no risk.Aro decises to let them be happy..After that everyone are save and there is no danger anymore..

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.Im Stefan Rizov an im 11 years old.Im from Macedonia.Im interested about football and music. I like the English lenguage because its world lenguage and i think and i want to meet with people from other contries


  • Stefan

    The first part is always the best in every movie ....

    Stefan Thursday, 18 April 2013 20:20 Comment Link
  • Nicolas

    The final part of the movie was very exciting! Great movie.

    Nicolas Sunday, 24 March 2013 03:13 Comment Link
  • Javier

    I saw This movie 2 weeks ago, It was good but not better than first part.

    Javier Saturday, 23 March 2013 19:04 Comment Link
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