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Philosopher For A Day!

Monday, 31 October 2016 03:14 Published in Miscellan.

paraweb 2 days ago, on October Friday the 28th We, as Friends Chile Project traveled to Concepción to the IV Seminar “Philosopher for a Day” 2016. Our adventure started early in the morning 7 AM at the Alberto Hurtado School's front, where the bus was waiting for us. Once all were inside, we set off.

We arrived to Concepción around 12, noon. Then we met PhD David Solis, Professor of Philosophy at the University. He led us to an art exhibition of Mapuche Culture's handcrafts.

Later, we were invited to lunch at the Casino. Close to 2 pm we attend a reflexive reading session about some excerpts of “The Little Prince”.  Then we were discussing about several topics that we marked as important like: authority, humankind, Respect, abortion, vicious circles, among others. This activity finished with the creation of our own “Perfect planet” which reflected the values we thought important to be materialized.

Then we went to the Medical School of the University and at the Theatre we watched a play called “Muero, luego existo” (I die, therefore I am). The plot was a man that was available to sell his own blood, his organs and tragycally his own life, in search of a better life for his wife and children.

Once the play finished we returned to the classroom where we had the first activity, but now we had to do a different task: to organize hierarchically different moral values. We then were split in groups of 4-6 people and in 40 sec., we had to place in order five concepts in a pyramid. As a recognition to our efforts and participation everyone received a diploma!

At the end of the day, we went to the 7th floor of the new and beautiful institutional building located in San Andres Campus of the UCSC to enjoy the view and appreciate from above Concepción City: It looks really huge!

Also I had the chance to interact and share with different people and age ranges from children of 6-8th grade to graduates in Philosophy!


So, what I have learned?

-         -  I have learned that children can have great, brilliant and mature answers to difficult questions.

-         -  It is good to question constantly, everthing!

-         -  To organize values is a great work, and my perspective about them is equally valid to other person.

-          - It is important to understand and respect the power of dialogue.

-          - Different perspectives build the world we see, we hear, we touch, we share.

-          - It is important to question ourselves  what is he or she feeling? Why I would do in his/her place?


In conclussion: BE A PHILOSOPHER 24/7! 

What about the children?

Sunday, 16 October 2016 01:25 Published in Miscellan.


Recently in Chile one of the most outregeous problems on Children's Rights has been uncovered, and it is the wrong administration, lack of specialization and bad practices inside "SENAME" (National Youth Service). A few days ago Chile and the world knew about the number of children dead in there, wich is 1.313 so far. At least the Chilean State takes responsability from this fact and announces a law improvement to protect and solve this big issue.

So, what about the children? I really hope that the new presidential announcement will go to the roots of this incident, what is (from my perspective) the non separation of functions of this institution. Creating two differents services, one for the young law-breakers and other different for child protection. 

In addition, this great problem drags like a snake from several years ago; in 2001 the Unicef gave an alert about this, but this issue was not approached as a problem to our country policymakers.

In fact, this "became" a problem in April this year when the death of a little girl called Lissette came to light thanks to the national press. Lissette was sent to Sename because she was violented by her father, she was in need of specialized professional attention, medicines, and care but after some time inside this institution she passed away. The lack of attention to an emotional crisis produced her a heart attack.

Besides, the Social Rehabilitation Programs for Young Law breakers results are so ineffective. Statistics show that at the second year of leaving this program the relapse is 50,9%. Can we really think about social rehabilitation?

In the other hand, is inconceivable that the Former Minister of Juistice and Human Rights referred about Sename's children as "stock" in her speech at the Parliament, this is unacceptable. We must say enough of mistakes! 

At least our President, Michelle Bachelet have recognized that: "As a society and State we have failed them"...

My friend and partner María Victoria Quintana have also supported me to write this article, and I leave here her personal opinion:

  • “The National Service for Minors (SENAME) is the Chilean state agency responsible for the protection of minors and youngsters rights to the judicial system. Also is responsible for regulating and supervise minors adoption process”.

That mandate is not being obeyed, the reality is different, the children seeking help…end up worse, they live in poor conditions; are abused, sexual abuse, negligence, etc. This means that in Chile between five thousand and six thousand children requiring special attention from the State, but they don't receive it, the help does not happen! the consequences? among other dreadful consequences: many children are lost, on the streets, other who have suffered such damage inside the 'care centers', turn up becoming bullies or criminals. What happen in Chile? What the global community have to tell about this?  Is it that there are no feelings for this children?

Chilean State does not fulfill its function in this matter, does not seek the common good, there was no transparency inside SENAME, I feel that everyone is worried only about making money and profiting with people who feel sad, is that MY CHILE… correction, this is the Chile with bad bosses, because MY CHILE is better than this, my country is good, a country of working people with good feelings, but very poor understanding management

Welcome to reality!

We leave you with a video called  "One Minute for children" a protest for our children:


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