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03 Sep

Reaching new horizons: My experience prior the UN Convention to Combat Desertification Featured

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It has been a long process since I knew that I had been invited to participate in the Youth Forum of the COP13 to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertificacion, which is taking place in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, within the People’s Republic of China. I am going to attend this global event on behalf of Friends Chile Project as Youth Delegate. I will travel more than 20,000 km, on a 23-hour flight from Santiago to Beijing, so I have a long way ahead still. This international event will bring together hundreds of people with a common goal: To raise awareness and find effective solutions to prevent, mitigate and/or remediate the processes of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought, which are ocurring in all continents and that are affecting million people's livelihoods and well-being. Being honest, I am not going to tell you that I feel absolutely comfortable with the travel. I will be in world's third largest country, where more than 1.3 billion people live. I will go through the second largest airport of the planet. There is no Google, Facebook or Instagram in China. They just don’t work inside the country. Everything is in Mandarin Chinese, language that I don't speak. However, even when the travel seems scary, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I will have the chance to learn about a diametrically different culture, but tremendously interesting, wealthy in millennial traditions and with an incomparable heritage. Moreover, I will meet other 23 youngsters coming from african, asian and european countries. For those reasons, I am totally convinced that there is no better investment than travelling, so I encourage you, dear reader of my humble testimony, work for what you love, enjoy the road and live the great adventure of life with a big smile! My adventure is just beginning. Yours can be too. Are we ready?
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Hello everyone! My name is Nicolás. I am an 20-year-old chilean boy, born and raised in Villarrica. I consider myself as a cheerful and friendly person, so I really like meeting new people. I enjoy doing sports and taking photographs. I'm very grateful to "Project Friends Chile" for allowing me to know different cultures and places.

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