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16 Nov

Interviewing Professor David Solís,Philosophy teacher at Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

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1.-  In your own view, what is Democracy? Utopia or reality?

R: The way I see it is that democracy is a reality, but a reality that must be improved constantly. In fact, we could never say that we will have a perfect democracy, but to wake up every day to make it better. For instance, nowadays living in democracy, we go to vote on election polls, our politicians are chosen by the preference of the majority, but there is still a lack of participation and involvement by the citizen in the social atmosphere. We need to engage with neighborhood associations, with arts centers, with sport clubs and so on, so that we can participate not only with our vote, but also with our opinión, actions and proposals in order to become a politically-sensitive society.

2.- What is your opinión about the proposal of eliminating Philosophy from the High school students’ academic plans?

R: Well, I would say that it’s something regrettable, because philosophy is an instance for students to think, to meditate on fundamental matters. And, even though they are getting into an educational system to get the skills and knowledge needed to go to the university, I think that education is more than a training center for people who want to become professionals. It is a space to form conscious individuals, people who know the sense of their lives and who put their work at disposal of others. And in that context, philosophy is a great tool, first, to get to know yourself, and once you do it, to know what you can give to society. Philosophy is an instance of reflection, of self-knowledge.

3.- What is the role of Philosophy in the formation of citizens, actively commited to  the excercise of democracy?

R: It seems to me that philosophy is essential, because it always looks for the basis of things. The basis of justice, of the Human Rights, etc. Therefore, Philosophy somehow, by fostering us to meditate or think about justice, community living, peace, equality, etc, can  generate a real impact on  politics. It can change politics, improve it, and turn it into something that reflects people’s greates motivations and yearnings.

4.- What are the philosophical basis of the Human Rights?

R: They are the human being itself. There are Human Rights because there are people who are possessed of them. Indivual of grate value. Although, there are really valuable things, none of them is more important in this world than a human being. You can not instrumentalize people. You can ask for their cooperation, but you cannot enslave them. Consequently, Human Rights are based on the great value of each individual. I would like to add that Human Rights must be strengthened every day.

5.-  How can teaching Philosophy at schools contribute to prevent Hate Speech as well as other attitudes of violence and intolerance?

R: I believe that philosophy can help a lot to avoid Hate speech, because it is a colective thought process in itself. It is formed by several individuals. It colaborates with others. Philosophy was born from dialogue, from understaing, from comprehension, from listening to each other. I think that if we take this behavior and thinking to other scopes, such as politics or society, It may generate a collaboration between people and in the way of life of each person. It is not just about work for oneself, but for everybody’s welfare. Philosophy teaches us that happiness cannot be attained by anyone who sees someone else is unhappy or dejected. It shows that the man is not a solitary being, but one who is in permanent relationship with others, instead.

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  • Nicolas

    We are very grateful to Mr. Solis, as he organised an amazing Philosophy Day for us and the children of Saint Alberto Hurtado School. We also appreciate his reflections about Democracy and the importance of Philosophy!

    Nicolas Wednesday, 16 November 2016 19:58 Comment Link
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