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19 Jul

Curiosities of the Winter

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The winter has begun in the south hemisphere. We can play with the snow and go skiing. These rainy days are perfect to watch a movie or stay in bed till late. It is the coldest season of the year. It starts with the winter Solstice on December 23rd in the north hemisphere and the June 21st in the south hemisphere. Here are some things you might not know about the winter:1)The Eiffel Tower shrinks 6 centimetres during the winter, due to the cold. 2)In the winter, due to the fall of leaves, trees obtain oxygen through the trunk and branches, producing energy, so leaves will sprout again in spring. 3)In winter, people use more fire to heat up their houses and they prefer to travel by vehicle, instead bicycles or walk. Therefore, there is more pollution. 4)There is no two equal snowflakes: all of them have six sides, but they are different in size and form. 5)The snow reflects sun rays so it can injure skin and eyes. These body parts can be affected in the same way that during a sunny and hot day. 6)There are some animals like black bears that eat a lot before the beginning of the winter because they will spend all the season sleeping to keep the heat. This period is known as "hibernation".As you see, the winter is a very funny and curious season. But never forget to care your health and be careful. You don't want to catch a cold or be sick!.HAPPY WINTER HOLIDAYS TO ALL CHILEAN MEMBERS!
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Hello everyone! My name is Nicolás. I am an 20-year-old chilean boy, born and raised in Villarrica. I consider myself as a cheerful and friendly person, so I really like meeting new people. I enjoy doing sports and taking photographs. I'm very grateful to "Project Friends Chile" for allowing me to know different cultures and places.



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