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04 May

The Cleanest City in the Whole World

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Regardless of where we are, we all have very clear that the global pollution is growing and bad consequences are coming at the same time. The hole in the ozone layer is growing up pretty fast due the pollution and the governments are not doing anything about it.

We all know well: the man is not getting along with nature for many years. However, all is not lost and there  still are places in the world where the people is taking care about the care of the nature , which seeks to live in a cleaner and healthier environment.  there are cities that have even become tourist destinations for its low levels of contamination.

Calgary, Canada


Calgary is the cleanest city in the world, located in the province of Alberta, Canada. This great eco-city is in the first position of the top 10 cleanest cities, among other things, for its large number of pure water that is in their land and by the clever use that is given.

Not long ago it has opened a treatment center able to purify wastewater to 100 million liters of water in one day. But that's not all, 75% of the city is supplied with renewable energy and the details to care for nature is present in each one person.

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