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23 Apr

The Right to Peace

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Whenever I watch the news it is always sad and shocking, in too many countries there are events that testify about the chain of violence and hatred built over centuries, and that makes the news look like a movie of Quentin Tarantino…there is blood everywhere. The most tragic thing is that there are always women and children among the victims, there are too many ‘Martin Richard’ over the humankind history that even thinking about it makes us feel overwhelmed.

I am a teenager, and I don’t know yet what I want in my life, but I certainly know what I don't want, and I believe that I speak on behalf of every teenager around the world: I do not want to inherit a world full of violence and hatred. I wish that we, the teenagers - as the next generation – would break this chain of pain and stop this terrifying worldwide staging of Hatfields and McCoys multiplied by millions of families and people that decade after decade and century after century dedicate their life to violence.In the end they don’t even know when or how it all started because they were actually born in the middle of violence.

I know that among the Human Rights people have the right to peace, the right to ask for it and to claim it. So today I wish to ask for my right to peace, sending my condolences to every family that has been a victim of violence… I guess I am sending my condolences to every single person and family around the world (nobody is free of charge) and we are definitely responsible for stopping it. Conquering violence with violence is not a clever way to stop it. The proper way is to exercise the right to peace.

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