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21 May

Navy Day!

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Celebrated every year on 21 May, this holiday is a very important date to chilean people. The "Navy Day" marks the battle of Iquique on 21 May 1879, during the War of the Pacific between Chile and its neighbouring country, Peru.The confrontation took place in the town of Iquique in the north of Chile. In that then, the city was under Peruvian control. Chile had blockaded the port with two ships. In response, Peru sent two ships to break the blockade.The Peruvian ships were more modern and the battle soon ended with defeat for the Chilean navy.At first glance, this may not seem to be a great reason to celebrate the glories of the navy. However, during the battle great courage was shown by the captain of one of the Chilean ships, Arturo Prat. His bravery inspired many Chileans and following his death there was a large rise in the number of men enlisting in the navy.The legacy of Prat's heroism can be said to have led to the eventual victory of Chile in the War of the Pacific.Currently, Prat is still considered a national hero, and there are lots of monuments that remember him country-wide . Besides, his portrait appears on the 10,000 Chilean peso bank note. The Navy Day is marked by parades and speeches and marks the start of parliament, when the President of Chile talks to the whole country about the address of the nation. On this day, most shops and businesses are closed and there is a reduced public transport service.To join the celebration of this day, I would like to greet the Chilean Navy. Thousands of people who protect our shores, territory and therefore, every inhabitant. The courage and discipline of the institution is remarkable. I am certain that this day will continue to be an irreplaceable date in chilean history, proof of respect and gratitude to the Navy. To them, my best greetings!
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