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18 Jul

Winchester Mystery Mansion

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The Winchester Mansion is a mansion located in San Jose, California. Today the mansion is used as a tourist attraction, named Winchester Mystery Mansion. It’s also known as the most scary place in the United States. His construction is meaningless, completely defies the architectural standard. The property measures 24,000 m², the hallways are infinite, has 7 floors, 160 rooms that have been found , 476 doors, 6 kitchens, 47 fireplaces, 100.000 windows, 2 basements, false walls, hidden attics, doors and windows meaningless that lead nowhere and an unclassified amount of secret passages. The lady widow of the place, Sarah Winchester was a very rich woman, but she was into dark things. After the death of her daughter Annie in 1866 and her husband in 1881, Sarah decides to look for a medium; she’ll confirm that house was full of spirits, and her family under a curse. If the owner of the house, stopped building it, from inside and outside, will die.I don’t know if the idea was to build a maze to confuse the ghosts, but access is limited to the mansion. If you jump the security fences, and enter the property alone, and you lose, isn’t guaranteed to find you. Footprints have been reported, hitting, screams inside the house, finding their weird origin.


Hello everyone, my name is Benjamín, I'm 19 years old. I was born in Villarrica, but now I'm living and studying Translation in foreing languages in Concepción. I love singing, movies and photography, fashion, art and of course languages. 

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