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12 Feb

Marilyn Monroe

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I hate that I must to place this item in History, but .. Anyway

Norma Jeane Mortenson a.k.a Marilyn Monroe is an american actress who is born in Lon Angeles 1st of June 1926. As a little child she was adopted by so many families becouse her mother left her on 3 years old. Than when she was over 5 her mother took her back, but becouse of her psyhiatric problems she was taken back by her previous family. MM had a very difficult life. On 11 years she was sexually assaulted and at 15 yeard she wed her boyfriend Jimmy Daughery, at 17 she devorced him becouse at 16 years she started her carrier and Jimmy didn't like it, so she chose to be a famous. She was on the top of all the magazines, and after that, she dyed her hair blonde, and she called her self like Marilyn Monroe. She sign the first movie contract and she acted a little part in John Huston's drama „The Asphalt Jungle“ , in the same year she impressed audicience and critics with her perfomance as Claudia Caswell in „All about eve“ starring as Bette Davis.

On August 5th MM was found dead in her appartament in California with an empty bottle of sleeping pills by her dead body which is proving that she died becouse of overdosed sleeping pills. After her dead, in 2010's MM was emitaded by so much celebrities, like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Gwen Sterffany, and the best copy of her was the actress Michelle Williams who acted like Marilyn Monroe in „My week with Marylin“



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