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Hi im Javier! Im eighteen years old and i live in villarrica, chile. I love the animals and the enviroment, i like very much listening to music and chat with all my friends.

The Araucania Region, located in Southern Chile, famous for its exhuberant ecosystems and astonishing natural reserves has been experimenting a continuous process of Soil Degradation and Deforestion during the last decades, due to an irresponsible and not sustainable use of the soil resource, which has been exploited by agriculture, livestock grazing and exotic forest plantations existing in the area. This phenomenon has generated noticeable lower rates on land productivity, water and food availability; higher rates of social and economical poverty, especially in rural areas, as well as other environmental issues such as lost of Biodiversity, stronger and more regular wildfires, as well as a severe and steady detrimental process of the chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.The ongoing work aims to make a short review of the anthropogenic causes of this process at the level of the Araucania Region, based on the available data produce by national governmental and non governmental ornganisms, competent in this matter (CONAF, SAG, CIREN, etc.), and to look at the outcomes of a local initiative related to a better use on the land in the area.

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1.-  In your own view, what is Democracy? Utopia or reality?

R: The way I see it is that democracy is a reality, but a reality that must be improved constantly. In fact, we could never say that we will have a perfect democracy, but to wake up every day to make it better. For instance, nowadays living in democracy, we go to vote on election polls, our politicians are chosen by the preference of the majority, but there is still a lack of participation and involvement by the citizen in the social atmosphere. We need to engage with neighborhood associations, with arts centers, with sport clubs and so on, so that we can participate not only with our vote, but also with our opinión, actions and proposals in order to become a politically-sensitive society.

2.- What is your opinión about the proposal of eliminating Philosophy from the High school students’ academic plans?

R: Well, I would say that it’s something regrettable, because philosophy is an instance for students to think, to meditate on fundamental matters. And, even though they are getting into an educational system to get the skills and knowledge needed to go to the university, I think that education is more than a training center for people who want to become professionals. It is a space to form conscious individuals, people who know the sense of their lives and who put their work at disposal of others. And in that context, philosophy is a great tool, first, to get to know yourself, and once you do it, to know what you can give to society. Philosophy is an instance of reflection, of self-knowledge.

3.- What is the role of Philosophy in the formation of citizens, actively commited to  the excercise of democracy?

R: It seems to me that philosophy is essential, because it always looks for the basis of things. The basis of justice, of the Human Rights, etc. Therefore, Philosophy somehow, by fostering us to meditate or think about justice, community living, peace, equality, etc, can  generate a real impact on  politics. It can change politics, improve it, and turn it into something that reflects people’s greates motivations and yearnings.

4.- What are the philosophical basis of the Human Rights?

R: They are the human being itself. There are Human Rights because there are people who are possessed of them. Indivual of grate value. Although, there are really valuable things, none of them is more important in this world than a human being. You can not instrumentalize people. You can ask for their cooperation, but you cannot enslave them. Consequently, Human Rights are based on the great value of each individual. I would like to add that Human Rights must be strengthened every day.

5.-  How can teaching Philosophy at schools contribute to prevent Hate Speech as well as other attitudes of violence and intolerance?

R: I believe that philosophy can help a lot to avoid Hate speech, because it is a colective thought process in itself. It is formed by several individuals. It colaborates with others. Philosophy was born from dialogue, from understaing, from comprehension, from listening to each other. I think that if we take this behavior and thinking to other scopes, such as politics or society, It may generate a collaboration between people and in the way of life of each person. It is not just about work for oneself, but for everybody’s welfare. Philosophy teaches us that happiness cannot be attained by anyone who sees someone else is unhappy or dejected. It shows that the man is not a solitary being, but one who is in permanent relationship with others, instead.

Hello everyone ! I hope you are all doing well ! . I just wanted to tell you all about my experience in planning, coordinating and exposing at the first Workshop on  "Human Rights awareness and cyberbullying prevention"  organised by the Project Friends-Chile, as part of the international campaign of The European Council against Hate speech in all its forms. Since I was asked to give a lecture to Children on these important issues and organise a workshop for them, there were about three weeks in which I had to learn as much as possible about Human Rights and cyberbullying, and also get myself involved with The No Hate Speech Movement". It was a great responsibility: studying every day, looking for the most appropriate time and place to develop the activity, getting the stuff needed, etc. Nevertheless, It was really useful to me, because it made me realize that if you want the things to go well, you have to do your best and dedicate your time and efforts to them.

The day of the activity finally arrived and  it was time to see if our efforts were going to give their results. All the people invited to the workshop arrived: Children, members of the Project Friend-Chile, the special guest, the attorney at law Mr. Samuel Saavedra Avilés, teachers,and parents.    The workshop finished and the children learnt a lot about their rights and said "NO" to the Hate Speech.  

In my view, all the things went as the way we planned. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of this activity, because It helped me to get experience in planning something. Moreover, I learnt so much about Human Rights and I was so happy to know that i was teaching Children to be conscious, kinder and supportive to each other.

Equally important to mention, is the fact that I had the opportunity to meet the lawyer, Mr. Samuel Saavedra. We had a great lunch at a restaurant  where we talked about everything ! . Literature, arts, his profession, personal interests, hobbies, etc. He was a very agreeable and interesting person.  It was an incredible way to end the day !


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Chilean Volcano erupts on Earth Day !

Thursday, 23 April 2015 00:14 Published in Geography
The Calbuco Volcano located in southern Chile has erupted. The activity started at 18:00 in the evening with a big explotion which is visible from hundred kilometers away. The chilean government has declared red alert in the affected area and thousands must evacuate.But what I would like to highlight is the fact that today is the Earth day ! And in my view the earth is telling us that she is annoyed. She is annoyed because we are destroying its biodiversity, We are polluting the oceans, the rivers. We are also using up all the natural resources with no sustainable development. The earth has expressed ! We must create awareness about taking care of Nature. Because if we don't, severe weather phenomena will affect us in the near future.

The reasons why I love riding bicycles

Thursday, 17 July 2014 01:01 Published in Fun
Hello everyone ! Today I would like to tell you about the reasons why I really like riding bicycles.They are just a few and they are quite simple to understand and you probably already know them.1.- First of all, I like riding bicycle because It is really good for health.2.- Second, Riding bicycles doesn't pollute the air as other ways of transporting.3.- Third, It's really nice to feel the wind in your face when you are riding on bicycle. It's like a feeling of freedom.4.- fourth, It's really easy to use them and they are not so heavy to carry.5.- And finally, they are not so expensive to get so they are really accessible.

 Huilo- Huilo

In the middle of Patagonian Andes, in the south of Chile, in the centre of the Valdivian ecoregion is located Huilo- Huilo, declarated by UNESCO in 2007  as a biosphere reserve for it's unique climate and endemic species.

Three international organizations – World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), The World Bank and The World Resources Institute, have qualified the Southern Chilean Temperate Moist Forest, as one of the 200 world’s ecoregions that must be guarded for its unique contribution to world biodiversity.

This area include millenarian forests, unexplored mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, active volcanoes and  beautiful lakes.

Besides, inside this biological reserve is located one of the most beautiful and strangest hotel in the world, The Magic Mountain Lodge.

Can you even imagine it's beauty? Well, I've been there and it's more beautiful than anything I've seen in my whole life.


Magic mountain

This hotel was built with native wood, volcanic stone and others typical materials. Its most famous characteristic is a beautiful waterfall which falls across the entire structure as you can see in the picture.

 Most famous waterfall in Huilo- Huilo biological Reserve and The Baobab hotel

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Huilo- Huilo promotional video

Why is Huilo-Huilo so important? Because, as the Huilo Huilo project has developed, a fresh chapter has opened for local communities. The beautiful landscapes, the diverse flora and fauna and the magnificent forest are regarded from a completely new perspective. The open entrepreneurial spirit of the local people has embraced the changes that have come in the process of converting a traditional forestry community, with highly degraded and poor soils, into a sustainable tourist destination committed to conservation. Huilo- Huilo will continue to be a magical, great example of what land managment should look like everywhere: efficient utilisation of natural resources existing in a particular portion of land, involving both private and non private organisation, taking into full consideration the local communities, and looking towards reforestation and ameliorantion of eroded soils in order to fight against the ongoing desertification that is strongly affecting us all.

The Walls of Ávila, Spain

Thursday, 25 July 2013 04:45 Published in History

The walls of ávila are located in the central area of Spain, and they were built between the 11th and 14th centuries during the Raimundo de Borgoña's reign. They are the most highlighted symbol of the Old city of ávila.

The walls have an extention of 2,516 meters and an average height of 12 meters. Including this, the walls also have 9 big gates each one built in different periods.

The built work started in 1090 but the most of walls were finished one century later.

Nowadays it's possible to walk above the walls and the views are really incredible.

For its construction were reused materials from the Roman necropolis, civil construction and the old Roman and Visigoth walls. The wall's materials include Stone, granite, cal and other different kinds of stones.

File:Avila 001.jpg

Today the walls are globally known and thousand tourists visit this city each year. Due to the tourism, the old city of Ávila has grown a lot. Inside the walls there are so many different places with a lot of history and beauty.

The site was registered as a National Monument in 1884. In 1985, the old city of Ávila and churches out side the wall were declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

File:Panoramica nocturna de la Ciudad de Ávila.jpg

The Cleanest City in the Whole World

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Regardless of where we are, we all have very clear that the global pollution is growing and bad consequences are coming at the same time. The hole in the ozone layer is growing up pretty fast due the pollution and the governments are not doing anything about it.

We all know well: the man is not getting along with nature for many years. However, all is not lost and there  still are places in the world where the people is taking care about the care of the nature , which seeks to live in a cleaner and healthier environment.  there are cities that have even become tourist destinations for its low levels of contamination.

Calgary, Canada


Calgary is the cleanest city in the world, located in the province of Alberta, Canada. This great eco-city is in the first position of the top 10 cleanest cities, among other things, for its large number of pure water that is in their land and by the clever use that is given.

Not long ago it has opened a treatment center able to purify wastewater to 100 million liters of water in one day. But that's not all, 75% of the city is supplied with renewable energy and the details to care for nature is present in each one person.

Sailing in San Rafael Lagoon

Thursday, 28 February 2013 02:53 Published in Fun

Located in chilean patagonia exactly in San Rafael lagoon national park, the San rafael lagoon is one of the last natural wonders in the world rich in native forest, virgins lakes and lagoons.It also  has the cleanest air in Chile due the trees.

The lagoon is located at the southern end of the moradela canal , at the foot of the Northern Ice Field and is a small entry to Pacific Ocean. Nowadays that Wonderful landscape generates tourism in the area characterized by the care for the nature, specially the animals and the water resources.

There exist a lot of exclusive restaurants and hotels so the tourist can relax and have fun at the same time.

There also exist a tourist boats for the people, they can take you through the lagoon until the glacier where you can see this imponent ice wall .

You can enjoy in this beautiful and natural paradise, with your family, parents, grandparents, friends or just alone!!!


San Rafael Glacier

san rafael lagoon

At The left side a small boat is taking a few tourist through the lagoon

Chilean Patagonia, At the end of the world

Friday, 15 February 2013 22:13 Published in Geography


Chilean Patagonia is a sub region of Patagonia-

It is characterized as a bio region that has a varied geography resulting in a great diversity of landscapes, climates and ecosystems: mountains, rivers and islands.

The beautiful landscape generates a fast growth of the tourism in the area, so a lot of tourists want to visit that beautiful part of Chile located in the most austral point in the world.

Besides the amazing of the landscape, the services in the  area like restaurants, hotels, markets are pretty good so the tourist who visit the Chilean Patagonia can really enjoy this great experience.

The last year Chilean patagonia Suffered a big fire and 11,000 hectares were destroyed, turning the home of a lot of endemic species of flaura and fauna into a burnt new desert.

The local communities living around the park, endless protectors and lovers of this unique land did not just sit down with their arms crossed. Instead, they wanted to contribute to restore the land they had lost during the wildfires. They looked for a way to stop and combat the severe problem of erosion that The Chilean Patagonia has been experimenting. They wanted for hope to come. And it did came with the name of: "REFORESTEMOS PATAGONIA", a national campaign that expects to replant a million of native trees during the next years

Today the project still continues and with the help of an uncountable number of companies, this project is growing up.
352,000 trees have been planted in Chilean patagonia. This action will bring back to life this Magical and unique area. You can be part of this project, you can help us to restore this amazing land join us. In this link you can find all the information that you need to help Chilean patagonia, here are the instructions:

Proyecto de reforestacion

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