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25 Jun

Degradation of soils in the Araucania Region, Chile.What can be done against a non sustainable use of land?

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The Araucania Region, located in Southern Chile, famous for its exhuberant ecosystems and astonishing natural reserves has been experimenting a continuous process of Soil Degradation and Deforestion during the last decades, due to an irresponsible and not sustainable use of the soil resource, which has been exploited by agriculture, livestock grazing and exotic forest plantations existing in the area. This phenomenon has generated noticeable lower rates on land productivity, water and food availability; higher rates of social and economical poverty, especially in rural areas, as well as other environmental issues such as lost of Biodiversity, stronger and more regular wildfires, as well as a severe and steady detrimental process of the chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.The ongoing work aims to make a short review of the anthropogenic causes of this process at the level of the Araucania Region, based on the available data produce by national governmental and non governmental ornganisms, competent in this matter (CONAF, SAG, CIREN, etc.), and to look at the outcomes of a local initiative related to a better use on the land in the area.
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