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24 May

A new country has emerged!

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Greenpeace founded a new country in an unrecognized territory by Chile's government. "Glacier Republic" is the name of the new nation. Quoting to Matthias Asún, Director of Greenpeace in Chile "Glacier Republic has born because in Chile there is a gap in the law that does not recognize these enormous masses of ice as part of their sovereignty. Neither in the Constitution nor in the Water Code are mentioned this glaciers as a public good that must be protected". Glaciers in Chile cover an area of ​​approximately 23.000km2, the equivalent to 82% of the glaciers that exist in South America. These ancient ice are the main water reserves of the country and they contribute to rivers' basin and also to life in much of the country, and from today they will be part of the Glacier Republic. The environmental organization seeks a law to ensure the protection of glaciers. Its intention is to care these strategic water reserves for the country and its future generations. Greenpeace hopes that the Chilean State to recognize the glaciers as a public good and It contributes to their protection through legislation, to avoid any danger that may affect them. "When that happens, Glacier Republic and its citizens, will return the glaciers to Chilean State" says the Director of the organization.
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Hello everyone! My name is Nicolás. I am an 20-year-old chilean boy, born and raised in Villarrica. I consider myself as a cheerful and friendly person, so I really like meeting new people. I enjoy doing sports and taking photographs. I'm very grateful to "Project Friends Chile" for allowing me to know different cultures and places.

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