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12 Dec

Huilo- Huilo: " A magic land in the south of Chile " An example of a sustainable use of land, that has greatly succeded.

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 Huilo- Huilo

In the middle of Patagonian Andes, in the south of Chile, in the centre of the Valdivian ecoregion is located Huilo- Huilo, declarated by UNESCO in 2007  as a biosphere reserve for it's unique climate and endemic species.

Three international organizations – World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), The World Bank and The World Resources Institute, have qualified the Southern Chilean Temperate Moist Forest, as one of the 200 world’s ecoregions that must be guarded for its unique contribution to world biodiversity.

This area include millenarian forests, unexplored mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, active volcanoes and  beautiful lakes.

Besides, inside this biological reserve is located one of the most beautiful and strangest hotel in the world, The Magic Mountain Lodge.

Can you even imagine it's beauty? Well, I've been there and it's more beautiful than anything I've seen in my whole life.


Magic mountain

This hotel was built with native wood, volcanic stone and others typical materials. Its most famous characteristic is a beautiful waterfall which falls across the entire structure as you can see in the picture.

 Most famous waterfall in Huilo- Huilo biological Reserve and The Baobab hotel

cascada                                         baobab-construccion  


Huilo- Huilo promotional video

Why is Huilo-Huilo so important? Because, as the Huilo Huilo project has developed, a fresh chapter has opened for local communities. The beautiful landscapes, the diverse flora and fauna and the magnificent forest are regarded from a completely new perspective. The open entrepreneurial spirit of the local people has embraced the changes that have come in the process of converting a traditional forestry community, with highly degraded and poor soils, into a sustainable tourist destination committed to conservation. Huilo- Huilo will continue to be a magical, great example of what land managment should look like everywhere: efficient utilisation of natural resources existing in a particular portion of land, involving both private and non private organisation, taking into full consideration the local communities, and looking towards reforestation and ameliorantion of eroded soils in order to fight against the ongoing desertification that is strongly affecting us all.
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