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22 Feb

New York Landmarks- The Brooklyn Bridge

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In our English class оur teacher gived to us a couple od  landmarks in New Yourk and our homework was to  choose one of them and  search on internet about it, and then the notes to  write in our notebooks.The landmarks wore: Central Park , State of Liberty , Brooklyn Bridge and Manhaten.
I choose to  write about the Brooklyn Bridge. On internet I found  a lot of notes and information , so I made my own short  text.

Brooklyn Bridge 

This brigde connect Menhattan with New York and it's build  between 1869 and 1883.The constryction of this bridge took 14 years to complete.The most  awsome about this bridge are the two masonary towers to witch many cables are atached.Also this bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in New York.



My name is Sofija I'm 14 years old. I'm from Macedonia and my hobby is watching series and movies. In my free time also I like to read books and play volleyball. My biggest wish is to visit Paris-the town of love. The other things I like are: Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin , Fashion , Milimar, Helloo Kity  and my adorable and fat cat :))



  • Javier

    I love New york, Is one of the most beautiful cities on the world, I must go there.

    Javier Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:48 Comment Link
  • Nicolas Espinoza

    My dream always been travel to New York someday! Must be a incredible city :DD

    Nicolas Espinoza Friday, 22 February 2013 20:08 Comment Link
  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Sofia,
    pas simple from give is ---> gave
    Our teacher gave us...
    The landmarks WERE (past simple of "to be")
    it's BUILT
    This bridge is ALSO... (also is used after the verb "to be")
    witch-->a woman who is believed to have magic powers, especially to do evil things. In stories, she usually wears a black pointed hat and flies on a broomstick.
    which -->used to be exact about the thing or things that you mean

    Bozanka Ilievska Friday, 22 February 2013 16:57 Comment Link
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