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19 Feb

The hottest desert "Sahara"

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The Sahara is the world's hottest desert.the third largest desert after Antartica and the Artic.At over 9.400.000 square kilometres,it covers most of North Afrika,and making it almost as large as China or the US.The Desert Sahara is stretches from the Red Sea,including parts of the Mediterranean coasts,to the outskirts of the Atlantic Okean.Desert Sahara is the largest deset in Afrika.
Climate of Sahara.

The climate of the Sahara has undergone enormous varitions between wet and dry over the last few hundred thousand years.Durring the last Glacial Period,the Sahara was even bigger than it is today,extending south beyond it's current boundaries.People lived on the edge of the desert thousands of years ago,since the last ice age.The Sahara was then a much wetter place than it is today.he desert landforms of the Sahara are shaped by wind or by or by occasional rains and include sand dunes and dune fields.

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Hi.My name is Pere.I'm from Negotino,Macedonia.I'm 14 years old.

Hobby:I'm training  football.

Wish: To live  in Los Angeles.


  • Pere

    Nicolas Sahara is world's hottest desert in the world and there is no life !

    Pere Friday, 19 April 2013 15:16 Comment Link
  • Javier

    Is really incredible to know that life can exist in those conditions.

    Javier Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:49 Comment Link
  • Nicolas

    The Sahara Desert must be one the most hard and hostile places in whole world!

    Nicolas Saturday, 23 March 2013 16:56 Comment Link
  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Pere, you probably know that YOU should write your articles with your own ideas and feelings. The articles mustn't be a copy-paste from Wikipedia or some other web-site. I know that you can do it and please next time write down your own original ideas. Regards!

    Bozanka Ilievska Tuesday, 19 February 2013 22:57 Comment Link
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