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14 Apr


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Getleman Dance originates from Gentleman song, sang by PSY, the guy who has the most viewed song on Youtube, Gangnam Style, and most played dance Gangnam Style.  The most I have remembered is the moment when you put your hand on your chin, and you have a meddial pose with you legs, and you are starting to dance right and left :D Watch and learn it, I can feel that it would be just like the Gangnam Style Dance

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 I play handball, I train from 4 february, I'm a selector and I gave my first goal on training at 1st of March when I actually played my 3th game. ^_^ My favorite hanball player is Marit Malm Frafjord, a norway hanball player. 

I love United Kingdom, and adore London. ♥

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  • Stefan

    I'm truly addicted to that song! Can't get it out of my mind...

    Stefan Tuesday, 16 April 2013 20:26 Comment Link
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