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23 Jul


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An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries. Empanadas are made by folding dough or bread around stuffing, which usually consists of a variety of meat, cheese, vegetables or fruits, among others. Chilean empanadas don't have a wide range of fillings, the three types are: One is baked and filled with pino, a traditional filling consisting of ground beef, onions, raisins, black olives, and boiled egg. The second is usually filled with seafood and fried. The third type contains cheese and may be baked or fried, although the latter form is more common. Sweet empanadas can also be found, though they are less popular, the best known is a small pastry filled with a pear paste. Empanada is one of the traditional Chilean plates, and it's very delicious. If someday you have the opportunitie of eat an empanada, do it and Enjoy! :D
Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria

Hi! My name is Mari, I'm a 19 years old make up artist and I'm from Chile. I love music, dancing, singing and making art in every possible way!. My dream is to travel all around the world, to know countries, cultures, monuments and all the things that come with us being different. 

I like psichodelic, alternative and classic rock. 

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