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I was thinking about in which category i should put this Art or Fun...I decised to put it in Art so this is how the things are going on:

Naruto is an ongoing manga series(kind of Japanse comic,there are a lots of other mangas) writed and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto..Like I said there are series based on the manga.The manga is promoted in 1997,and the animation part (series) is promoted in 1999.The story is telling about a very noisy ninja Uzumaki Naruto who dreams to become Hokage(A man who is the strongest and  acknowledged as a leader in the village..But there is a very big story behind all this:16 years ago,the village called Konoha

was attacked by the most powerful creature-The Nine Tailed fox(Kyuubi) who was controlled by a masked man.It killed many people,but the leader of the village The Fourth Hokage(yondaime hokage) sealed the fox in his newborn child Naruto with sacrifacing his life...The people of Konoha regardet Naruto like he was the Demon Fox and no one liked him,everyone tried to get rid of him and he was mad because he was called a monster,because of that he didn't have any friends and parents..Naruto learnt his first technique-Shadow Cloning.

Naruto was alongside Uchiha Sasuke(A guy who wasn't friendly,because he wanted to kill his big brother Uchiha Itachi who killed their Uchiha Clan.)With them   was also the girl Sakura Haruno and the fomed a team lead by Sensei Hatake Kakashi..At the beggining he 

teached them basic skills and to perform a low ranked missions.But they went on a high ranked mission and hardly won with the enemy..

After that in the village was a chunin exam(rank of ninja,genin,chunin,jounin,sennin etc.) and the all teams including Naruto's went to the forest of death where the 2nd test of the chunin exam was performed.Naruto's Team (Team 7) was facing with a very dangerous ninja  Orochimaru,but Orochimaru's plan was to steal Sasuke's uniqe eyes Sharingan.Because he wasn't able to do that he bit him on the neck and sealed a curse..Naruto was trained by his father's sensei the one of the legendary Sennins-Jiraiya who taught Naruto two very strong tehniques  

In the third part of the exams the village was attacked by Orochimaru,and then he faught  with the 3rd hokage who was his sensei,and he killed him,but as a punisment,his ex sensei sealed of his hands so he couldn't make ani tehniques.After That Sasuke decided to go with Orochimaru because he wanted to gain stregnenten to beat his brother Itachi who was joined in an organization called Akatsuki who were after the all tailed beasts including Naruto who is the ninth and the strongest among all other,After that Naruto went on journey with Jiraiya

because he wanted to get stronger.After three years Naruto came back and he is followed by Akatsuki who were able to catch  7 tailed beasts  

and he and another guy were the two tailed beasts who left.Naruto learnt new tehnique and he killed one of the Akatsuki..Sasuke betrayed Orochimaru and killed him and also was able to kill his brother.Jiraiya was killed by Pain(6 guys) controlled by Nagato who is in Akatsuki and known as the stongest one.Naruto avenges his master with killing Pain and supprased Jiraiya.A masked man Tobi told Sasuke that Itachi was ordered from the village to kill his clan.Sasuke decised to destroy Konoha,And the guy Tobi along With Kabuto were preparing a war,so the all five Countries-The kages decised to make an army from ninjas to fight with the vilians army(a white creatures Zetsu).Kabute made a reanimation jutsu(Edo Tensei)and he called death bodies-zombies from a strong ninjas who died.Now the war is in progress...

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.Im Stefan Rizov an im 11 years old.Im from Macedonia.Im interested about football and music. I like the English lenguage because its world lenguage and i think and i want to meet with people from other contries


  • Javier

    I saw this serie a couple years ago, I loved it

    Javier Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:41 Comment Link
  • Nicolas

    I love this manga serie!

    Nicolas Saturday, 23 March 2013 16:44 Comment Link
  • Bozanka Ilievska

    Dear Stefan, here are some corrections to your article:
    -you can say either "a lot of" or "lots of" -->There are a lot of /lots of other mangas WRITTEN....
    -The manga WAS promoted in 1997 (past simple for events happened at a specific time in the past)
    -The story TELLS about..(present simple used for general
    -The people of konoha REGARDED Naruto AS IF/AS THOUGH he was...
    -The girl Sakura Haruno was also with them..( in English you put subject-verb-object)... and THEY FORMED a team LED by...
    -At the BEGINNING he TAUGHT them...and hardly BEAT the enemy.
    -After that, THERE was a chunin exam in the village...and ALL OF THE teams...
    -Naruto's team was facing a very dangerous... (without "with")
    -..and then he FOUGHT.. he couldn't make ANY TECHNIQUES...
    -..because he wanted to gain STRENGTH to beat Itachi who JOINED AN organization...
    -After that naruto went on A journey...
    -After 3 years Naruto came back and he WAS followed by.. ALL FIVE COUNTRIES...
    Well done, keep posting!

    Bozanka Ilievska Saturday, 02 March 2013 22:42 Comment Link
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