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13 Feb

Kosta Apostolov Solev - Kocho Racin

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Kočo (Kosta Solev) Racin was born in 1908 in Veles, in the Ottoman Empire (later Republic of Macedonia). He was raised in a very poor family. His father, Apostol was a potter who earned just enough to feed his family, and he could not support Racin financially in his education. Racin finished just one year in the local high school at the age of thirteen, and then worked in his father's pottery workshop.His greatest success came with the publishing of the poem collection Whiste Dawns in 1939. The poem collection was printed in 4,000 copies and sold all over Yugoslavia and Pirin Macedonia, with great success. The poem collection Macedonian People's Liberation Songs  (Македонски народно-ослободителни песни) was published in 1943, but Racin was an editor rather than an author of the collection.

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